Live blog of Honey and Co

The last time I went to Honey and Co I euphorically declared it a 10/10 as I walked out of the door. Despite that, I still haven’t managed to blog about it, which, quite frankly, is just rude. (In fact, I’ve just seen it in my drafts. 14 June 2014. Titled Middle Eastern Heaven. I clearly had good intentions).

So tonight I’m going to try a live blog. Why not hey? What’s the worst that can happen?! Let’s just hope the food is as tasty as last time.

It’s Valentines Day. We are paying a babysitter £50 so we can have a meal out. It had better be good!!

We only managed to get a table by sheer luck. Last night at around 8pm I received a voicemail saying they had a cancellation and if we called back within 15 minutes the table was ours! Thankfully I have fast fingers.

I’m currently sitting in Dabbous bar (lovely by the way – perfect for a date) waiting for Mr E to arrive. I think the staff think I’ve been stood up. I’m on my second cocktail. Thankfully husbands don’t often stand up their wives, so I think I’m safe. He was on handover duty – whilst I flounced off to have my highlights done. Oh it’s an easy life being a mum don’t ya know!


We are here. I have just announced the live blogging idea. This was the reaction.


Apparently not very romantic!

I’ll have to save it for when he nips to the loo.

(Long pause)

I behaved myself and kept my phone usage to a couple of quick snaps, which looking at them now are not great – sorry – I’m out of practice!

The good news is that we had a lovely time. The bad news is that I didn’t enjoy the food nearly as much as last time. I think I ordered badly, which is a shame. Therefore I am now awarding Honey and Co is a solid 8/10. Tasty food but perhaps a little hit and miss in places. Oh and prepare to be friendly with your neighbouring tables, as it’s a cosy place.


We started with the mixed mezze to share. It had all the usual favourites; falafel, hummus, tabbouleh, fattoush, pitta bread and more . Plus a few exciting extras, including a beetroot and herb salad and some pickled celery.


All delicious and I could certainly have eaten more. In fact, I wish I’d had extra starter and missed the main course.

I opted for Su Boregi. Described as a Turkish “lasagne type thing” with burnt aubergine. It was nice enough but a little bland and stodgy for my liking unfortunately. As I said, a poor choice on my part, it did pretty much do what it said on the tin after all .


Mr E went for the octopus. Obviously. It was cooked with lemon and paprika and served with a Tunisian bean stew and meshwiya sauce. He said it was fresh, delicious and perfectly cooked.


For pudding we shared a very tasty chocolate and pecan slice and I had a coffee with an obligatory heart on top to mark the day of romance!



So there you have it, my first live(ish) blog. Barely edited and hot off the press. Maybe this is the way forward with a 6 month old baby and a million things that always need to be done.

If you haven’t been to Honey and Co, I would definitely recommend it. Perhaps just don’t let your expectations get the better of you. It’s a low key place serving tasty and simple Middle Eastern food. Forget the hype and tuck in.

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