The Scran & Scallie : Gastro Heaven in Edinburgh


My second fabulous meal during a recent jaunt to Edinburgh was a world away from the sophisticated and refined Ondine. We were looking for somewhere for a relaxed Sunday lunch and as soon as our friends mentioned that Tom Kitchin had opened a gastro pub in Stockbridge we were sold.

Back in 2009 my husband (then boyfriend – who I was secretly hoping would propose during that trip, he didn’t!) and I had one of the best meals we have ever eaten at The Kitchin and have been talking about going back ever since. The problem is that there are always so many new places to try and we are always so short on time that it seems naughty to go back to an old favourite when you could be discovering something new. This, therefore, seemed the perfect compromise. I could finally satisfy my hankering for fish and chips, having resisted the day before, and we could be confident that this would be a cut above the usual pub lunch if Mr Kitchin had anything to do with it.

Other than the rather comical menu and website, which follows the “Scran and Scallie” theme and has lots of Scottish sayings such as “Sit ye doon yer welcome!”, “Yer starters” and “Nae meat, Nae fish”, I do not have a single criticism of the Scran and Scallie.

The first good sign was that I could happily have eaten anything on the menu. It all looked fantastic and as waiters walked past me with plates of food I must have changed my mind about five times, wanting everything that I saw.

The venue was also gorgeous, exactly what you want from a gastro pub. It had a cosy feel but was spacious and had lots of quirky decor – there was even a play room for kids in the corner, not that I’ll be needing that quite yet!


In the end I stuck with my initial instinct and went for the fish and chips, served with chunky tartare sauce and of course plenty of vinegar and ketchup. Sometimes nothing else will do and this hit the spot perfectly. Delicious flakes of cod covered in light, crispy batter and plenty of big fat chips. A huge piece of fish and not a hint of grease, I was one happy customer.

In fact we all ended up choosing a dish that we’d decided we fancied before actually looking at the menu. Mr E went for a fish pie, Lisa had the steak pie and Jamie joined me for fish and chips.

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words, how could you not want to dive right in?!



We were pretty stuffed after all that but the pudding options looked so good that we couldn’t resist. An apple crumble bursting with sticky fruit was the perfect warming dish for a windy day. I think the idea was to choose custard or ice cream but why choose when you can have both? The waiter didn’t seem to think it was a strange request and happily brought us an extra jug of custard.


And finally a magnificent chocolate brownie. Served with stout ice-cream and a chocolate caramel pouring sauce, it lasted for about 90 seconds with everyone diving in for more!



The Scran and Scallie provides everything you could wish for from a pub lunch. If I lived in Edinburgh I’d be there all the time – if only they’d open one in London! Pretty please.

1 Comely Bank Road, Stockbridge,
Edinburgh EH4 1DT
Telephone: 0131 332 6281



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