Happy 2nd Birthday to Brockley Market and Me

Yep, that’s right, it’s 2 years today since I started this blog. I’m growing up! Thank you so much to those of you who read regularly, I find it very hard to believe that I’ve had 62,500 visits since I started in 2011 and I promise to be a bit more regular with my posts in the next year.

To celebrate I was thinking of revamping the website but that really does sounds like an awful lot of hard work doesn’t it?! And no one should be working hard on their birthday. So instead, I treated myself to a lie in and now I need to get up to spend the afternoon listening to the dulcet tones of Nizlopi, getting squiffy and eating delicious food cooked by the likes of the Sanchez-Iglesias brothers, Simon Rogan, Jose Pizzaro and Jason Atherton at Eat, Play, Love, a charity event in aid of the Mana Society and Galvin’s Chance. Now that is a birthday treat!

Before I do, I wanted to tell you about the wonderful Brockley Market. I was delighted to discover that it was also celebrating its 2nd birthday this weekend so I decided to head down yesterday and join in the celebrations.


Brockley is rather a long way from my humble abode in North London so I’ve only been a couple of times but I absolutely love it. It’s in Lewisham College car park, just a two minute walk from St John’s railway station and it’s there every Saturday from 10am til 2pm.


For me, the beauty of Brockley Market is two fold. First, there’s a great selection of stalls, both for hot food to eat there and for produce to take away. Second, there’s plenty of space. So although there are lots of people milling around, chatting, eating and generally having a good time, you don’t have to spend the entire time squeezing past people and saying sorry (ahem Borough).

Each time I’ve been, there’s been a great vibe and often, live music to enjoy as you wander around or sit and eat your lunch.


You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to lunch. The only problem is finding enough room to fit in all of the things you want to eat!

Yesterday, I went for a Korean spiced buttermilk fried chicken with slaw and an organic Mike & Ollie handmade wrap with lamb shoulder and fresh figs. Both were seriously good.



Pudding was a slice of birthday cake and a great coffee from the Dark Fluid truck.

St John’s railway station is just a 7 minute journey from London Bridge, so if you’re in the area one Saturday morning I would highly recommend jumping on the train and going to visit the friendly folk at Brockley Market.





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