Taqueria El Turix: The Best Tacos in Mexico City (and possibly the world)

Ok, so the best tacos in the world is probably too big a shout. Admittedly, I’ve only tried a very small proportion of the tacos available and therefore I wouldn’t blame you for questioning such a bold statement. However, I am firmly standing by my claim that these are the best in Mexico City, certainly the best cochinita pibil.

These little flavour bombs might not look pretty but do not be fooled. Only 2 hours after my first encounter, I found myself walking 25 minutes out of my way and standing in line for another 25 minutes just to get another hit.


I’ve eaten tacos pretty much every day since I arrived in Mexico 2 weeks ago and El Turix unquestionably whooped the behinds of everything else I’ve tried; including the many I ate in the Yucatán Península, which is the area famed for cochinita pibil. They blew my mind!

Cochinita pibil is the name of the pork filling. It’s created by marinating a whole suckling pig in seville oranges and annatto seeds and then wrapping the meat in banana leaves and slowly roasting. It’s served in a small corn tortilla with pickled red onions, a squeeze of lime and at El Turix, with the most wonderfully spicy habanero chilli salsa. Just a small drizzle of this amazing salsa left me with that lovely warm glow in my throat for a good ten minutes. Amazing!

It wasn’t just the pork or the salsa that was good, every single component was perfect and Ronaldo (who’s been behind the counter for 14 years) added the final touch by placing the tortilla into the meat sauce before filling it, making it wet and juicy on the outside. This filled me will horror at first, what with the impracticalities of eating it with my fingers, but one taste and I lost all inhibitions. This was far superior to the dry tortillas I had been eating up to that point.


My mouth is literally watering at the thought of another taste. I beg you, if you find yourself in Mexico City, do not leave without a visit to Taqueria El Turix at 212 Emilio Castelar in Polanco.


This is a place loved by the locals so go early or prepare to stand in line. From 2pm you will find hundreds of office workers queuing to get their daily taco fix and during the rest of the day there will be plenty of people ordering kilos of the stuff to take away in plastic cartons they’ve brought from home.

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3 Responses to Taqueria El Turix: The Best Tacos in Mexico City (and possibly the world)

  1. Nina says:

    Just made my mouth water!

  2. You should defo check it out when you come to visit Nik’s sister

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