Raclette : Mountain Food On New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year!

I’m delighted to be seeing in 2013 in the mountains. I am on my first ever skiing holiday, in Serre Chevalier, and it is absolutely stunning here.

I’m currently sitting in the hotel bar, glass of champagne in hand, waiting to go through for dinner. So this is just a quick one. I wanted to tell you about the marvellous lunch I had today to kick off my new year celebrations.

It was courtesy of the ski resort as I had an unfortunate incident on the drag lift just before lunch and I think they were worried that I was going to sue them! And no, I didn’t just fall off! In fact, I have been rather pleased with how well I have navigated the various lifts without falling off any of them. Unfortunatley there is no accounting for other things which may go wrong and I found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was merrily going along when all of a sudden the entire thing collapsed to the floor and as the huge heavy cable rushed to the ground it gave me a thwack. You have to laugh really! I imagine I will be rather sore and bruised tomorrow but no real harm was done and it was nothing that a nice lunch and a bottle of red wine couldn’t sort out.

We had raclette. This is something I had only ever seen before in Borough market, being melted into toasted cheese sandwiches, but it’s everywhere here. A big wedge is presented at the table with an electric heater and it’s served with potatoes, salad and charcuterie. As the cheese melts you scrape it onto your plate and enjoy.

It was delicious. The perfect mountain food and great fun taking it in turns to scrape off the melting cheese. To top it off we had a rather nice view!


Before …


Essential carbs


Some accompaniments


Starting to melt …


Oh yes – we ate the lot!


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1 Response to Raclette : Mountain Food On New Year’s Eve

  1. Rachel Daniel says:

    Mmmmm. Sounds and looks delicious. So jealous of your new year on the slopes. Hope your lift injuries are only minor x

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