Bocca Di Lupo


Grand decor

Bocca Di Lupo opened in 2008 and immediately received rave reviews. I can remember earmarking it as somewhere I wanted to go at the time but there are always so many places that I want to go, it sometimes takes me a while to get round to it.

Four years later I finally made it. Rather a long time indeed, but I reckon it was worth the wait. I went last Saturday night in a group of six and had a really wonderful time.

It was my father-in-law’s 70th birthday and he decided he wanted to come to London with his best friends and go out for a nice meal. The pressure was on to choose something suitable. No mean feat when you only have a few weeks’ notice and a lot of the places you’d like to go to basically laugh at you down the phone when you try to book an 8pm table for 6 people on a Saturday night!

We’d taken them to Moro a few years earlier and they loved it so I wanted somewhere with a similar vibe and price bracket. This lead me to Bocca Di Lupo and it turned out to be a really great choice.

When we arrived I was slightly overwhelmed by both the noise and the vast and confusing menu. It’s not often I find a menu confusing, in fact I can’t think of another time, but when I first looked at this one I had no idea how it was supposed to work. There were so many different sections and options. Thankfully we had an absolutely fabulous waitress who put us at ease and helped to make the menu user friendly.

Basically it was a sharing system and we ordered a couple of plates from each section of the menu (raw, fritto, pasta, roast meat etc) which were then brought to the table and put in the middle for us to share. Depending on the dish our waitress advised us whether to order a small plate or a large plate.


Radish & celeriac salad with pomegranates, pecorino romano & truffle oil


Fried squid, prawns, courgettes & lemon


Fresh buffalo mozzarella with datterino tomato & basil

We ordered a fair amount of food and it worked really well to have it all in the middle for everyone to help themselves to.


Chifferi with wild goat ragu & pecorino


Tagliatelle with porcini, butter & sage


Orecchiette with ‘nduja, red onion, tomato & rocket

Pretty much everything was delicious. We all had our favourites but I don’t think there was anything we weren’t keen on. My personal favourites were the mozerella salad, the radish salad and orrerichi pasta.

I won’t go on about it but the tomatoes in the salad were some of the nicest I have ever eaten and the spicy orrerichi pasta makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Delicious!

All of the pasta and most other things are homemade and you can really tell. I would go back for a bowl of pasta and a cappuccino alone.


Baked king scallops in the shell with butter, lemon & thyme


Grilled monkfish tails and Sicillian red prawns


Roast partridge

We were all fairly full by the time we’d polished off our savoury order but at least two of us who were sitting around the table can’t resist a dessert…


3 white gelati shots; coconut, ricotta & sour cherry, yoghurt


The amazing milk-free espresso gelato


Bonet – chocolate, coffee, amaretti, caramel & rum pudding

It’s always a good sign when you immediately start thinking about when you can go back to a restaurant and who you can take. I’ve already mentally lined up my next couple of visits, which says it all!

Bocca Di Lupo certainly isn’t cheap but it’s not crazy prices and the food is absolutely spot on. You won’t regret a night here – I promise.

If there are only two or three of you I would highly recommend sitting at the bar so you can see all the action but if there are more then a table is probably best.


The bar – where you can watch the chefs in action

I would give the food at Bocca Di Lupo 9/10. The best Italian I have eaten in a very very long time.

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3 Responses to Bocca Di Lupo

  1. Jackie Edwards says:

    very well chosen by our excellent daughter-in-law – the choice hit the spot exactly – thank you, Nikki, for your excellent judgement, as ever! xx

  2. amzmiesu says:

    Now I’m even MORE gutted I missed the celebrations! :o( xxx

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