Maltby Street Market

Around ten minutes walk from London Bridge, you will find a long row of industrial units (on Druid Street), which back onto a tiny road called Maltby Street. A food market is held here every Saturday and it is the most wonderful, magical food market I have ever visited.

I am totally in love!

Having heard about it months ago on Twitter I finally got round to visiting last week and it was way better than I anticipated. Way better. I cannot believe I have been missing out all this time. I suggest you schedule it in asap.

I can’t wait to go back. It is now officially my meeting place of choice for Saturday mornings and the only thing likely to get me out of bed pre 10am.


Although only a few minutes away from Borough Market, it is a whole different world. The throng of tourists barging you out of the way is not present here. You can happily saunter along, checking out the various stalls and having a little taste of what they have to offer. It is charming.

It is also a food market with a difference. What really made it stand out for me was the concept. It wasn’t just a place to go shopping and perhaps grab a quite bite as you wander round. Oh no. This was a place to kick back and spend the day. Eat drink and be merry!

At the Cornish Grill for example, you can buy a meal fit for a restaurant. On the day I went they were offering stuffed Cornish mackerel with pickled cucumber and tomatoes, grilled lamb leg with courgettes, barley and fresh curd cheese, red ruby ribeye with baked carrots and mustard butter or glazed duck breast with shallots and confit leg salad. All cooked freshly to order and brought to your table for around £9.


During my first visit to the market I realised that ideally, you want to get there early, say 9:30am, to catch the buttermilk pancakes at Bea’s Diner or the custard donuts at St John’s before they are all gone (which they were by the time I arrived).

You can then spend a leisurely day there grazing on food and catching up with friends or reading the newspaper and listening to some live music. Bliss!

Below is just a little taster of what is on offer and what I tried on the day. It’s only a small market but there is plenty of variety and if you are after produce to take away, I reckon you’ll find what you need in that department too.


The African Volcano had a queue all day long and having seen a Dirty Porker (pulled pork bap) passing by, I was not surprised. This one is definitely on the list for my next visit.


I couldn’t resist a nibble on one of these crackers as I passed the Hansen & Lydersen stall. The salmon is sourced from a family run, sustainable farm in the Faroe Islands and then hung and cold smoked in Stoke Newington with juniper and beech wood. The perfect accompaniment to a nice glass of white wine – something which is not hard to come by at Maltby Street Market, there are drinks galore.


Right up my street, Bloody Marys from Little Bird. This was an especially tasty version, with a touch of freshly grated horseradish to spice things up.


Another weakness,  Spanish meat and cheese. I went for a plate of both from Tozino.


I love the Spanish tomato bread and a glass of Rioja was the prefect partner.


If you have a sweet tooth like me, there are plenty of delicious cakes and pastries on offer as well as some great coffee and hot chocolate, including bars of solid hot chocolate imported from Columbia to take away.

Most of the stalls pack up at around 2pm but if you’re not ready to go home, you can pop into Gergovie Wines at the end of the street (open all day) for a glass of something lovely.


This was pretty much a perfect day for me. Starting off with a bloody mary and finishing with a glass of champagne, with lots of yummy food in between. I could not ask for more!

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4 Responses to Maltby Street Market

  1. Jackie Edwards says:

    this looks fabulous, Nikki – just up my street! xx

  2. Frank H-S says:

    Can’t wait to go check it out. I often walked down that street and thought it would be great for a market!

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