Today is a special day …

… It’s exactly one year since I started The Blog (as I tend to refer to it) and wrote my very first post.

A lot has happened since then. I’ve moved house, changed jobs, made new friends and travelled to new places. I’ve had some terrible news and loads of great news. I’ve been happy, I’ve been sad, I’ve been exhausted and I’ve been exhilarated. I hit the big 30!

Thinking back to last September feels like a lifetime ago but in that time there have been some notable constants: my amazing husband, my wonderful friends and family, my crazy cats and The Blog.

When I started, I didn’t really know how I would feel about it. Would I enjoy it? Would I be any good at it? Would I keep it up? A year on it’s like an old friend and I have no intention of letting go.

I certainly don’t get as much time to write as I would like, real life often gets in the way, but my stats tell me that I’ve written 55 posts in the last year, which doesn’t seem too bad at all.

I love food, I love writing and I love new experiences, so writing The Blog is the perfect way to combine all three. The fact that people actually read it is the real shocker, and the icing on the cake.

Since I started I’ve had 25,155 views and have amassed 50 followers *waves*. Strangely, my most viewed post by a long way is Jamie Oliver’s Moroccan Lamb Chops, followed by Meat Liquor. It’s crazy that you can so easily see what posts people are reading, how they found them and where they are in the world. For example, I can tell you that in the last 30 days I’ve had 64 views from Canada, 17 from the Philippines and 3 from Lebanon!

I’ve stuck to my guns and only written about things that I’ve truly loved. A few people have suggested that I should also give criticism but it’s just not what I’m about and honestly, I don’t have the time. The whole point of The Blog is to celebrate food. I really do believe that everything you eat should be amazing!

In reality, there hasn’t been enough time to write about all the things that I have loved, let alone to waste my time being negative.

So, on that note and before I sign off for a celebratory glass of champagne, I will share a few things that I haven’t had time to write about so far this year despite them being fabulous.

There are a few of these that I am still determined to tell you about in more detail, because they really were that good, but in the meantime here is 12 months of recommendations all rolled into one …

A regular lunchtime treat. Lemongrass chicken bun noodles at Pho in Clerkenwell, London.


Hotdogs and champagne at the fabulous Bubbledogs on Charlotte Street, London.


Simon Rogan’s Great British Menu dishes served at Rogan & Co in Cartmel, Cumbria.


French onion soup at The Church Green in Lymm.


A great curry at Chutney Marys in Chelsea.


Fresh seafood cooked on the beach in Nha Trang, Vietnam.


The fabulous Brockley market, which sells all manner of delicious foodie treats.


An intimate meal cooked by Paul Foster at Cinnamon Kitchen, London.


Tacos at the evening food market, Street Feast London.


A delicious fish stew which Mr E said was the nicest thing he had eaten all year! (He really likes fish)


A delicious meal with good friends and my first taste of frogs legs at Kendells Bistro, Leeds.


An amazing guest appearance at St John Hotel by David Chang. He had me at the pork bun!


Spaghetti vongole at Polpo, Beak Street, London.


Joginder’s supper club. A great meal cooked by an Indian mother and daughter duo in the family home in North London.


A delicious tapas feast provided by Mr and Mrs E senior.


A romantic meal on the terrace of Picasso restaurant in Las Vegas, over looking the Bellagio fountains and of course, the Eiffel Tower.


Bruch at Pizza East in Kentish Town, London.


A knock out Peruvian meal at Lima London on Rathbone Place.


A fabulous steak at Hawksmoor, Guildhall, London.


Trendy pizza joint and brewery, Crate. Hackney Wick, London.


Filipino and Malaysian Supperclub by Budaya Kusina in Covent Garden, London.


Toloache. A fabulous Mexican restaurant on West 50th Street in New York where you can eat grasshopper.


A feast at L’Enclume in Cartmel, Cumbria.


A traditional French meal cooked and served in the home of two local ladies at Table D’Isame, Taurinya, France.

An amazing Paella at beachside cafe, El Carmen, Cala D’Hort, Ibiza.

Happy 1st Birthday Every Meal Matters!

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6 Responses to Today is a special day …

  1. amzmiesu says:

    Awesome entry Nik – I felt emotional for you 🙂

  2. Jackie Edwards says:

    Really enjoyed reading this, Nikki – how do you manage to keep so slim when you enjoy food as much as you do??
    PS – nice to feature in this – it seems ages ago now! xx

  3. Lisa says:

    Great post Nikki as always- looking forward to another 12 months of fabulous posts! …And now feeling very peckish!! x

  4. A really lovely read! And all that food has made me really hungry 🙂

  5. Frank H-S says:

    A brilliant post! Well done for keeping it going a year. GRATS N THAT.

    We are looking forward to going to Lima on Thursday for ‘me mams burfday’. This is if the pitch at work doesn’t get in the way. Excited.

  6. Congratulations on your first year! It’s been a brilliant read.

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