Malaysian Duck and Mango Curry

A couple of weekends ago Yotam Ottolenghi popped up on my Twitter timeline with a recommendation, if I was only to cook one thing that weekend it should be this duck and mango curry with lemon and curry leaf rice. I was more than happy to oblige.

I love a Sunday night curry. From time to time I make grand plans to cook a curry every Sunday night but inevitably life gets in the way. So instead, it’s just something I do when I have the time. I have a couple of favourites, including a prawn and salmon one which I must put on here some time.

I was really excited to try this recipe out as I hardly ever use duck in curries and I’ve recently developed a deep love for mango, although not for peeling and slicing the damn things! There must be some special method or gadget that I don’t know about (?) because it’s a virtual impossibility.

Most of the recipes that I post on here are quick and simple, mainly because most of the things I cook are quick and simple. This dish requires a bit more time and faff, so it’s perfect for a Sunday night, although you could get most of it prepped the night before and serve it at a mid week dinner party. I can’t remember exactly how long it took to prepare and cook but you will need to factor in time to marinade your duck breasts for a couple of hours.

Part of the faff is the ingredients. There were a number of things that I was out of, and some I didn’t have in the first place, so a trip to the Asian supermarket was required to pick up curry leaves, shrimp paste, palm sugar, mini shallots and sambal oelek. Plus I needed to buy the all important duck breasts, not something I tend to have in stock. You’d probably be able to get everything you need from any large supermarket but they are few and far between in London and in any event, these type of things are usually much cheaper in an Asian supermarket.

Once you’ve got everything it’s really quite easy. You just whizz up a load of ingredients to make your paste, marinade your duck then crisp up the skin, make the sauce and heat everything together at the end.

The results were spectacular. It was absolutely packed with flavour, perfectly spiced and the mango is a great touch.


I don’t think the rice was essential, plain basmati would have been fine, but if you can be bothered it’s a nice touch. You will need to pop it in the oven before you get started with the curry.


Here is the recipe in full as published in The Guardian. It really it as good as it sounds. If you try it, let me know how you get on.

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2 Responses to Malaysian Duck and Mango Curry

  1. Duck says:

    Mangoes are my nightmare food to eat! I never manage to peel them without getting in a sticky, juicy mess, and I always end up with most of the flesh stuck to the stone. Surely someone out there has invented a gadget…

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