Bánh Mì 11 Pop Up – The White Horse, Hoxton

I often find that people who’ve never used Twitter ask me about why I like it and what the point of it is. This is usually in a tone which suggests that they are current of the opinion that it’s entirely pointless.

I never really know how to answer this question. I’ve tried various explanations but I have yet to persuade anyone that it isn’t just a ridiculous waste of time.

I think that’s because Twitter is something that you need to discover for yourself. I really don’t think you can understand it properly, and appreciate how brilliant it is, until you start using it. And no, that doesn’t mean creating a profile and following 5 people. It means getting involved, doing a bit of tweeting yourself, commenting on the tweets of others and using the search function to find out why there are police vans in your street or what people think of tonight’s episode of Great British Menu.

One of the reasons why I absolutely love twitter is that it opens new doors for me and takes me to places that I would never have otherwise known about. This week that place was The White Horse in Hoxton.

I had planned to go for drinks with my husband and some friends (Punam, Nicola, Jonathan and Dodge – they asked to be named) but we didn’t have a venue in mind. Then I saw a tweet from Bánh Mì 11 saying that they were doing a pop up at the White Horse and the rest is history.

I did meet a small amount of resistance because Hoxton was slightly further afield than we would usually go but once we were there, everyone had a thoroughly fabulous time, not least because of the amazing food.

The Bánh Mì 11 girls did a fantastic job. They had their stall set up outside at the back of the pub and cooked everything to order on a small BBQ grill. It wasn’t the warmest or driest of evenings, but they were in great spirits and very happy to have a natter with us.



The menu contained 4 items :

    Hand dived scallop with spring onion and pineapple salsa
    Chicken wings with kaffir leaf, ginger and soy dressing and a carrot, daikon and red onion pickle
    British beef slider with lemongrass and foraged wild garlic leaf
    Grilled thinly sliced British pork marinaded in caramel and lemongrass with carrot, daikon and red onion pickle, served either in a baguette, rice paper or over a vermicelli noodle salad

How can you possibly choose between that lot? We certainly couldn’t so we all went for one of each, with the pork in baguettes. It worked out brilliantly as they served each item as a separate course with lots of room for drinking and chatting in-between.

First it was the scallops.


Then the chicken wings. OH MY GIDDY AUNT.


Next was the slider


And finally the baguette


It was all fantastic but the chicken wings deserve a special mention. I could have written an entire blog just about those chicken wings. They were the star of the show. The best chicken wings I have ever tasted. Quite possibly better than anything I tasted on my recent trip to Vietnam. The chicken was so tender and the flavours absolutely punched me in the face and had me licking my fingers like a greedy cannibal. I could happily eat these wings every day for the rest of my life. THEY WERE THAT GOOD.

I am pleased to report that Bánh Mì 11 are planning to open a shop soon in East London and until then, they are planning to do a few pop ups in the area to try out new dishes. If you see one advertised, get yourself there, you won’t regret it.

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