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Meat Liquor – The Best Burger in London?

Last Saturday I found myself in London with no plans and no mates. This might sound like a sorry state of affairs but it was fabulous. I had a solo adventure. Not something I have ever done before but certainly … Continue reading

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A Posh Carbonara : A Splash of Fizz & No Cream

I absolutely love Italian food. If I could only ever eat one cuisine again I wouldn’t think twice about choosing Italian. I often dream of living there, learning the language, cooking the food, getting to know the locals …. maybe … Continue reading

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Bánh Mì 11 Pop Up – The White Horse, Hoxton

I often find that people who’ve never used Twitter ask me about why I like it and what the point of it is. This is usually in a tone which suggests that they are current of the opinion that it’s … Continue reading

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Chewy Gooey Cookie Recipe

Every office that I have ever worked in has implemented the ‘bring in cakes on your birthday’ rule. As it happens, I am a big fan of this rule. I like eating cakes and it means that there are usually … Continue reading

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Will The Real Cha Ca La Vong Please Stand Up?

So today I decided to seek out Cha Ca La Vong, one of the oldest restaurants in Hanoi. It only serves one dish and has been serving that same dish for over a hundred years. The dish in question is … Continue reading

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Street Food in Hoi An

I’ve had the most wonderful day today chatting to the ladies in Hoi An market and learning about their way of life. It all started with a trip to Banh Mi Phuong. I’m a big fan of the delicious food … Continue reading

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The Best Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City (in my opinion)

I’ve now moved on from Ho Chi Minh City. In fact, I’m currently on a rather strange bus from Da Lat to Nha Trang. I just tried to discretely take a picture for you but the other passengers didn’t seem … Continue reading

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