Pitt Cue Co : BBQ Heaven

I’m sure you’ve already heard all about Pitt Cue Co, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

It’s amazing!

An absolute 9/10.

Totally addictive.

I’ve barely stopped thinking about how good it was since I left and I really want to go back.

Unfortunately there is a but….


Totally worth it, don’t get me wrong but my goodness it was a long wait. Two hours and ten minutes to be precise.

The first hour wasn’t bad. We sat in the packed bar, polished off a couple of these lovely ciders and had a thoroughly good time.


(Check out the cute pig for your bar tab!!)

The next hour was a bit more difficult and we had to order emergency supplies. Spicy chicken wings. I can’t quite explain how good they were. The combination of me being ravenous and those juicy, sticky, spicy wings was just totally heavenly!


The last ten minutes were the hardest. We thought our table may never come. It was approaching 9:30 and the kitchen closes at 10:00. Our cheerful optimism was slowly fading. We were getting desperate.

The kindly bar man saved us by providing some crisps. They were just plain potato crisps shaken in a brown bag with the spice rub that they use to flavour the meat but they were a total revelation. I strongly recommend that you order some the moment you start to feel peckish.

Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, our time came. We were led down to our table and presented with a menu.

You would think that after all that time we would have decided what we wanted but somehow we had failed to give it any consideration at all.

We ordered two more of the Whatever Beers, which they have on draft (by this time we had sampled a large range of the drinks list including some pretty hard hitting cocktails) and perused the menu.

We decided to share and went for beef ribs, pulled pork, mash with burnt ends, spicy coleslaw and homemade beans.

Oh the pulled pork …..


Ohhhh that mash with burnt ends …


The portions were massive and it was without a doubt the best BBQ food I’d ever had.

So the moral to this story is that some things are worth waiting for.

You will find Pitt Cue Co at 1 Newburgh Street, tucked discretely behind Carnaby Street. It is open 12 – 3 and 6 – 11. If you visit you may well see me in there feeding my addiction!

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