Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Murano

Murano is one of the reasons that I started writing this blog. I went last September for a special occasion and it was undoubtedly the best meal that I’ve ever had, knocking The Kitchin from the top spot where it had been for over 2 years. The month before that, I had been to Le Gavroche and I began to think that it would be nice to make some sort of record to look back on when I’m sitting at home with a load of kids wondering how I ever had the time or money to eat at these places.

Having just read that last paragraph back, I realise it is the equivalent of name dropping in the restaurant world. Apologies, I shan’t do it again!!

Last time at Murano we went all out, tasting menu, matching wines (courtesy of the lovely sommelier who selected them for us) and even a quick chat with Angela. It was absolutely the best. A meal I will never forget.

On my most recent visit we went during the day and had the lunch menu, which is 3 courses for £30 with a choice of 3 dishes per course and a £12 supplement for cheese. Not a bad price if you want to try Michelin quality food without paying the big bucks, though inevitably once you add a couple of bottles of wine, a few coffees and 12.5% service charge you are a long way from going to the local Pizza Express.

I was very impressed to see that even with the lunch menu we got lots of extra treats. These including some mini deep fried balls of loveliness (arancini) and parmesan crisps to start off with, an unlimited supply of various delicious breads, a pre desert and some petit fours.


The dining room is quite formal but still manages to maintain a relatively relaxed atmosphere, which is mainly due to the excellent service. We were a group of four and everything was at just the right pace. We didn’t feel rushed or constantly interrupted, as can sometimes be the case and the tables were nicely spaced apart so we didn’t feel that we had to monitor our volume or conversation topics.

Most importantly the food was beautiful. Real melt in the mouth stuff.


Chicory and gorgonzola salad with pine nuts and grilled sour dough


Hand rolled linguine with smoked haddock, chilli and garlic.


Cornish pollock with fennel and lentil vinaigrette.


Roasted lamb rump with peperonata, basil and aioli.


Chocolate ganache and chocolate crumble with passionfruit sorbet and mint.


Lemon parfait, lemon jelly, thyme crumble and sesame meringue.


Caramel soufflé with fresh mint chantilly

It was all perfectly delicate and balanced. Who would have thought of having smoked haddock with pasta?! But it worked. The lamb was perfect and the soufflé was to die for.

My last visit was most certainly a 10/10. I think going for the lunch menu is a slightly different experience and some of the dishes don’t have quite the same wow factor but it was still a solid 9/10. A really fabulous place to go for a romantic dinner or a great catch up.

I would be more than delighted to eat there again … and again … and again!

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