Pollen Street Social – An Excellent Value Michelin Star Lunch

I’d been keen to go to Pollen Street Social ever since it opened and had been waiting for a good excuse to book a table. Frustratingly the good excuse didn’t seem to be coming quickly enough so I went for a fairly poor excuse instead; a Saturday in London with no plans. I justified this to myself by booking for lunch rather than dinner. There’s nothing wrong with popping out for a spot of lunch at the weekend is there!!?

It turned out to be an excellent decision. If you are in the same predicament as me, keen to go but feel it’s a bit extravagant without an occasion, stop reading, pick up the phone and book yourself a table for the next lunchtime you are free. You will not regret it!

Upon arrival you should be presented with a key which will be exchanged when you leave for a little treat to take home. I won’t spoil the surprise but it’s a nice touch.

The restaurant strikes a nice balance between being formal and bustling. There are some really nice touches like the desert bar and the showcase kitchen and there’s lots of modern art dotted around. There are actually quite a lot of tables and it was pretty much full when we went but it didn’t feel crowded, it added to the atmosphere.

The service was great. Not too full on but there always seemed to be a waiter when we needed one. They were really informative and got extra brownie points for suggesting that I have a desert from the a la carte menu when the one I wanted from the set menu had run out.

Best of all was the food …


Full English breakfast.


The egg was perfectly runny.


Colchester crab mayonnaise with avacado, sweetcorn sorbet, caviar


Roasted Cornish cod with piperade, squid, seaweed potatoes and razor clams.


Braised West Country ox cheek with charred eggplant and smoked potatoes.


Pistachio financier with pistachio ice-cream and English blackberries.


Tiramisu with …


… hot chocolate coffee.

What really stood out for me was the intensity of the flavours in every single dish. All of the key ingredients really shone out but still blended perfectly to create a whole dish and each of the dishes retained a delicate feel. In my opinion this is very difficult to achieve. The full English breakfast was a prime example, when I think about it now I can still taste those amazing tomatoes, the oozing egg and the crisp bacon.

At £25.50 for 3 courses, it was excellent value and I really didn’t feel that our dishes were any less delicious than those on the a la carte looked to be. There were 3 choices for each course, which could be considered limited but I felt it was enough. I have no doubts that I’ll be back next time we have friends staying who want to go for a fancy meal without spending a fortune.

I had a wonderful time and a wonderful meal. Pollen Street Social gets 9/10 from me

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