The Bull & Last – My New Favourite Local

If you are looking for a good pub lunch in North London then look no further, get your ass to the Bull & Last and enjoy all they have to offer.

On second thoughts, you may want to make a reservation before hotfooting it over there as they seem to get ever so busy, and sans reservation, I think we were quite lucky to get a table (one of the not so good ones).

There is relatively extensive (and unfortunately rather expensive) menu but as this was my first visit I went for the classics.


It was impossible to resist the charcuterie board. Duck prosciutto, ham hock terrine, chicken liver parfait, rillettes, pigs head, pickles, remoulade & toast. My favourites were the pigs head croquette and the chicken liver parfait. It was all delicious though. Exactly what you want on a lazy afternoon in the pub to accompany a glass of Leffe.


I couldn’t resist trying the burger. At £13 it was fairly top end but not the most expensive I have tried. However it was absolutely one of the best. In fact I would go as far as to say that it was the best burger I have had since the Cock and Hoop in Nottingham, circa 2006 (don’t bother seeking this out, it’s not a patch on what it used to be). The chips were also pretty good but I’m more of a fries lady.


I can already see that next time I go to the Bull & Last I’m going to have an internal argument with myself about whether to choose the burger or something new. I always think it’s best to try something new but what if it’s not as good!?


The plan hadn’t been to have a pudding but everything was going so well that we couldn’t resist.

They have an interesting idea with the cheese. Instead of offering a cheese board they list the options and you pay a price per slice. This was one slice of Comte (oh my god I love Comte) for £3.50. I was very impressed with the portion size for the price and it came with some nice homemade oatcakes and rowan berry jelly. Personally I would have liked the Comte to be a bit more aged but I still wolfed it down.


Then came desert. Oh it was a goody. Warm chocolate pudding affogato. Aka a perfect chocolate fondant, gooey and runny inside, with a shot of espresso and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to mix in and make a big delicious mess. Heaven.


As pub food goes, this was tops. A really nice and cosy pub with plenty of atmosphere. The only slight shame is that some of the dishes aren’t £2 or £3 cheaper but when the bill arrived, it seemed worth every penny.

The Bull & Last gets a solid 9/10 and I can’t wait to go back.

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