A Delightful Lunch at Pizzaro

Bermondsey Street is one of my favourite streets in London. Not only is it full of really lovely places to eat like Zucca, Village East and Pizarro, but it also has lots of cute shops and the buildings are gorgeous. Whenever I walk down it I find myself wishing I lived there.

There are still plenty of places on Bermondsey Street that I want to try but my latest visit took me to Pizzaro. I’ve had the Pizarro cookbook for a while and it’s full of gorgeous Spanish dishes, so when I heard that Jose had opened a new tapas restaurant I couldn’t resist. I totally love tapas – it means you get to try more!

The restaurant is lovely, it has quite a relaxed feel about it. There are some big communal tables and also smaller tables for 2, 4 or 6. You can see the chefs busy at work in the kitchen and it was nice to see Jose there during my visit.

The service deserves a special mention as it was excellent. When I asked about the dishes, I was given masses of detail about the ingredients and cooking methods and when asking about the wine, the waitress provided a variety of samples free of charge.

The food was good. Each dish was beautifully presented and perfectly cooked. The restaurant had only been open for a short while before this meal and I felt that there was still room for improvement with the intensity of the flavours but that’s just me being picky.

The croquetas were the star of the show, as good as any I’ve had in tapas bars in Spain.





Prawns, Serrano ham, chilli and garlic


Manchego canelones, silver chard and pine nuts


Hake, black cabbage and clams


Chocolate, toast and hazelnut ice cream

The chocolate on toast was another highlight. I absolutely loved how creative it was. There were only 3 deserts on the menu but this was an easy decision and I devoured the entire thing in no time.

For this meal I give Pizarro 7.5/10 and I’m confident that next time I go (and there will be a next time) there will have been a bit of tinkering here and there and it will be an 8 or a 9. [I have since been and this is most certainly elevated to an 8/10]

Pizarro is absolutely worth a visit, especially for a lazy lunch. My top tip would be to order a salad to accompany your meal. I didn’t spot it on the menu but as we left I realised that almost everyone else had one, very traditional in a big glass bowl. I was most jealous!

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2 Responses to A Delightful Lunch at Pizzaro

  1. Nina says:

    I would like to go here for my next visit !!

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