I gather that amongst those who write about food it is not at all fashionable to like Jamie Oliver and it is practically unheard of to say anything nice about the restaurant that he launched earlier this year with Adam Perry Lang. However, I went for a meal at Barbecoa recently and thoroughly enjoyed myself so I’m afraid that I will have to disagree.

The first thing that struck me was the service. It was absolutely excellent and remained so throughout. It was the kind of service that would make you return to leave a tip if you realised you hadn’t done so. Not that this was an issue as, like most restaurants in London, service is automatically added to the bill.

The restaurant had a good atmosphere, it was fairly busy and well lit with stunning views of St Paul’s Cathedral. There are plenty of tables, which made getting one easy enough despite only booking an hour before.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the menu wasn’t ridiculously expensive. There were more pricey options but you could easily have a starter and main course for £23 should you chose to do so.

First off was crispy calamari with avocado, lemon and rocket. A basic dish which did what is said on the tin. The calamari was tender and crispy and went perfectly with the accompaniments.


The salad of burrata, prosciutto, almonds and figs was absolutely to die for. I literally could not get enough. It was perfect as an appetiser.


For mains we went for some of the cheaper options. The pulled pork shoulder with coleslaw and a waffle was an excellent choice. The meat was wonderfully tender and the barbecue sauce really packed a punch. I imagine that the flavours could be overpowering for some but it was exactly what I was hoping for.


The flavours in the short rib with worcestershire glaze, Irish champ and watercress were also bold. The meat was literally falling off the bone after hours of slow cooking and the glaze was dark, sticky and moorish. Yum.


You certainly couldn’t complain about the portion sizes. We were totally stuffed which meant no room for pudding but I have a feeling I may be back to try one.

Barbecoa can have an 8/10 from me.

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7 Responses to Barbecoa

  1. That sounds delightful to me. I’ve never been….I live in rural Devon.
    Have always wanted to go here as i’m really into proper food cooked well.

    • Funny, I was only looking at the distance to Devon today to go to Gidleigh Park – my gosh its a long way!

      Just checked out your blog and your smoked meat looks amazing! Very impressive.

      • Thank you, that’s really kind of you. I’m passionate about great food and think that the outdoor kitchen is ready for a make over here. REmember all these lovely slow cooked BBQ foods can be cooked in a simple kettle BBQ.

        And yes it is a long way!

  2. Its good to see a review of a Jamie Oliver restaurant that concentrates on the food and not the name behind it. The dishes sound delicious, especially that starter salad – what yummy flavours!

    I dont know why foodies tend towards disliking Jamie Oliver in the first place – he is doing a whole lot more to make food a recognised healthy pleasure across the world than I suspect many others have even attempted.

  3. Lisa says:

    Thank you for this review. So many have panned it (mainly because it’s Jamie I suspect though I have no idea why people do that) that I was leery of going, but I shall give it a try now!

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