Breakfast in Bed

This week has not been good for the blog.

First, I’ve had a stinking cold which has left me with hardly any appetite. This is a very unusual phenomenon for me. It’s very rare that anything keeps me from eating, illness included. I usually adopt the approach that food is bound to make me feel better but this week, no matter how hard I’ve tried, unless I go for something small and basic it just ends up making me feel sick.

Second, I have been ridiculously busy at work. This doesn’t alter my appetite but it does alter my ability to eat and opportunity to cook. Tuesday was a particularly sorry state of affairs, I bought some porridge on my way into work, literally didn’t get chance to put a spoonful into my mouth and then, when it was well and truly stone cold, I had to throw it in the bin as I left the office for the day at 10am.

When Wednesday morning arrived I decided that I needed to take action to prevent this from happening again. I woke up feeling pretty awful, blocked nose, achy, generally feeling very sorry for myself. So, I decided the only solution was to treat myself to a nice comforting breakfast in bed.

My ultimate poorly person breakfast is a boiled egg and baked beans combo with bread soldiers and ketchup. It may sound weird but I promise you it’s very good. We were out of beans, which was disappointing news as I’d thrown away the leftovers from a cooked breakfast on Sunday thinking I wouldn’t use them.

Thankfully there were plenty of eggs and we had marmite so I went for marmite on toast soldiers instead.


It was a great treat and actually made me feel a bit better. I snuggled down into the duvet and watched breakfast tv whilst I ate. The yolks were just how I like them, just starting to get firm but with lots of runny bits. Looking at the picture I could eat it again right now.

The only problem with a mid week breakfast in bed is that the last thing you feel like doing afterwards is going to work. Well, that and the crumbs you find when you get into bed in the evening!

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3 Responses to Breakfast in Bed

  1. Jackie says:

    You poor soul – I hope we didn’t leave any nasty midlands bugs with you. But boiled eggs are pretty good comfort food xx

  2. Auntie Clare says:

    You put marmite in your dippy egg??????/

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