Brunch at No 67

I really really love brunch. It’s one of my favourite things to do. It’s not just down to the type of food that’s on offer, I love the whole brunch experience. If I go out for brunch it means I’ve got time to relax, chat and enjoy good food – basically all of my favourite things combined! I love the fact that you can while away the hours, reading the papers, ordering a steady supply of drinks and slowing healing a hangover.

Today I went to No 67 which is the cafe in the South London Gallery on Peckham Road. It was fantastic!

The menu was slightly unusual, they offer a full spanglish rather than a full english and some of the usual suspects were missing. However, I can’t imagine anyone struggling to find something to order. The choice ranged from simple dishes such as porridge, to more creative options like the baked egg, tomato and pepper stew.

I started off with a latte. I’m not a big coffee drinker but I found myself ordering a second one, which is testament to how good it was. The regular is quite small so I would recommend treating yourself to a large.


Next was a round of toast with jam and marmalade. It was absolutely delicious. The sourdough bread was lightly toasted on a chargrill and was really chewy and satisfying. In fact, it was so good that we ordered two more rounds. The jam and marmalade were excellent, I’m not sure if they were homemade but they certainly tasted it. The marmalade was probably the best I’ve ever tried.


The star of the show was the baked egg, tomato and pepper stew. It was more lunch than breakfast but that worked well after a toast and jam starter. The peppers were really sweet with a subtle paprika flavour running through. Super tasty – I will definitely be ordering this next time!


The full spanglish consisted of two eggs (scrambled or fried), a big juicy mushroom, homemade beans, a chorizo sausage, morcilla and toast. The chorizo was really good quality, quite spicy but not too rich and the beans were nice and soft with peppers and onions adding extra flavour to the tomato sauce.


A more healthy option was the greek yoghurt with honey and cinnamon oats, toasted seeds and fruit compote. My friend said that this was so good that she would have liked it in a bigger bowl for easy access!


No 67 is a hidden gem, a definite 9/10. It is excellent value, the most expensive thing on the menu being the full spanglish at £8 and prices starting at £2.50 for porridge or yoghurt. It also has the added bonus of being attached to a free art gallery, so after stuffing my face I could experience a bit of culture.

I will certainly be back, not least to try the delicious looking selection of cakes which were staring at me from the counter!

No. 67 on Urbanspoon


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4 Responses to Brunch at No 67

  1. Nina says:

    I want to go here for brunch next time i’m there !!!!! the Spanglish looks excellent !

  2. francesca says:

    Nikki, your photos are incredible! I am drooling at my desk (and I have just had lunch – but then I am a greedy type!) Words fantastic too – am LOVING the blog and will let you know how how I get on with the lamb recipe which looks right up my street. You need to come over and review a Dubai brunch! X

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