Foodies Heaven in Bali (Part 2)

Possibly my favourite meal in Bali was on the stretch of amazing seafood warung in Jimbaran. These are a row of casual restaurants running right along the edge of the beach with tables and chairs set out on the beach right upto the edge of the water. It’s the sort of place that really makes you appreciate that you are in a magical holiday destination. All the tables are lit by candlelight and you can hear the waves crashing in, perfect for a romantic meal or just to escape from any thoughts of life back home.

We went to Mega Teba Cafe as it was recommended. However, beware of taxi drivers working on commission, as ours innocently misheard where we had asked to go and dropped us off somewhere completely different. When we realised and asked to be taken to Mega Teba Cafe, he and a member of staff did their best to try to dissuade us before the taxi driver was finally given the nod that we could leave!

All of the warung work on a similar principle. They serve barbecued seafood which is kept on display in the open air kitchen at the back of the warung. Customers then go to the kitchen to select their seafood and the price is usually by weight. The food is then cooked on a great big barbecue.


We went for a platter so we could try a bit of everything. It included lobster, prawns, squid, scallops and a whole snapper which was all coated in a delicious smoky and sweet Balinese glaze. It was served with rice and spinach and was followed by a simple fruit platter. The whole thing was moreish and delicious, a definite 9/10.


With two large Bintang and a bottle of water it came to around £18.

My advice would be not to hold back on the order, the food was so tasty that I wished we had ordered more. Alternatively, for those who were still peckish and fancied something different there was a man cooking and selling corn on the cob on the edge of the water.


I would also recommend going down to the fish market on Jimbaran beach early in the morning to see the fishermen at work. You can watch the fish arrive in on the fishing boats and be carried to be weighed. Some go into the undercover market, selling to local hotels and restaurants and the others are sold to locals on the beach.





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